At an autism treatment center like Including Kids, Inc., we offer research based behavioral intervention and instruction programs that aim to support children with autism in their specific areas of requirement.  Autism spectrum is a vast network where diversity in needs come in all ranges.  Our programs are tailored to suit the various unique requirements of children that include, language skills, social and executive functioning skills, communication development, behavior management strategies, academic competitiveness, independence, domestic, and vocational skills.

The following are some of the programs from autism treatment center available, designed to create and benefit a safe and healthy platform for children within the spectrum.

Stepping Stones (Approximate ages 2 – 9):

Operating 30 hours per week, the Stepping Stones focuses on the emotional, behavioural, and communicational development of children within the 2 – 9 year old age group.  A specialist therapist works with the children at an autism treatment center on a one-to-one child to therapist basis.  Sessions are tailor made to the unique requirements of children seeking support.  Intense intervention strategies are carried out to strengthen each child’s individual skill level, emphasising on their language and speech development.  Our dedicated educators shape the young minds in their early years, so they can integrate into the mainstream school environment in a near future.

Leap (Approximate ages 9 – 12):

Leap is a specialist program aimed to help children in their tender years of 9 – 12 years old.  Some of the industry famous names work on collaborative projects with an aim to seek out and establish children’s unique qualities.  Positive reinforcement is utilised to appreciate children’s positive behaviour, which also helps in their self-control.  This transitional program help children, within the range of 9 – 12 years, to be included in mainstream learning environment.

Soar Academy (Approximate ages 12 – 22):

No autism treatment center is complete without covering the young adult demography.  Focused on offering professional service and care for the 12 – 22 year age group, the program strives to differentiate the strengths of autistic young adults in a centralized community setting.  The strategies are tried and tested yet surprisingly innovative, which facilitates students’ independence as they acquire diverse lifelong skills in academic, vocational, domestic, leisurely, safety as well as social interaction categories in the process.  As the program promotes independence, it boosts the self-worth of pupils, reduces stress and depression and help them become active members of the society.

Bridge Programs (School-Aged Children):

Over the years many trusted partnerships have existed between specialised autism treatment center and privately owned schools.  The result is beneficial to autistic children in that they are able to transition from the usual structured situation where they are used to, to the mainstream environment with confidence.

After School Programs (School-Age):

After school programs are widely available in the areas of academic or tutoring help, diverse social skill development clubs through activities in art or game sessions, as well as lifelong and practical skills building sessions.  The range of programs are delivered at the autism treatment center through fun yet engaging way, with a passion to improve the prospects of marginalised children.